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Mourning: the late Mihaly Arani, a prominent figure in Tatabanya football

Our newspaper has learned that Mihaly Arani, the former excellent midfielder of the Tatabanya mine, passed away at the 76th year of his life. The news was confirmed to National Sport by his son, famous footballer Laszlo Arani.

Mihaly Arani lived to be 75 years old

My father passed away in a hospital in Tatabanya on Wednesday noon – said the three-time national football team, which also plays in Tatabánya and Ferencváros. – He was healthy for a long time, but in November he began to fall ill and was taken to the hospital where he could no longer go home. ”

Mihaly Arani was born in Debrecen on December 12, 1946. He grew up in the local Kinizsi and introduced himself among the adults there in 1964, even in the first class in the province. From there, he was stabbed by Vass, who was living his golden age at the time, but he did not sign because he had enlisted as a soldier and thus became a player in the Unfed Kaposvar. After two seasons at Kaposvár, he signed with Tatabánya in 1968, where he was able to set his foot for a long time. He quickly became one of the engines of the team, which is distinguished primarily by a strong physique, safety of the ball and good head skills. During his time in the mining team, Tatabánya, which was one of the most dominant leagues at the time in the country and one of the country’s most prominent rural teams, experienced one of his happiest periods.

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His most notable place was a fourth in the 1971-72 season, he was also a finalist in the Hungarian People’s Republic Cup in 1972, and in the final, the Tatabanya people were 2-1 behind Ferencvaros. His biggest success was winning the Central European Cup twice in 1972 and 1973, although KK is no longer at its peak.

Tatabánya NB I played in 302 league matches, placing Giorgi Szabo (510), Karoly Lakatos (407), Laszlo B. Nagy (357), Karoly Kasapo (315) and Mihaly Lazko in the club’s permanent standings. 305).

After twelve seasons at Tatabanya, Mihaly Arani traveled to Dorog between 1980 and 1982.

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