Moto GB: His wife and children take over from Fausto Grisini

Moto GB: His wife and children take over from Fausto Grisini

Gresini Racing today officially confirmed that Nadia Padovani, the widow of Fausto Gresini, will replace the former team owner who died of complications from the coronavirus. Padovani is now officially the team’s CEO, taking on the roles of both team owner and team leader.

Wife and sons drive Fausto Gresini (Photo: Gresini Racing)


his sons work Lorenzo and Luca It will also help. Lorenzo prefers to participate in administrative tasks, while Luca, who has previously competed (for example in the Italian League, in the colors of his team), is engaged in sports and technical issues. So much so that he will be with the team at Jerez this weekend as well.

“I would like to think that my Fausto family – our family and those who raced – joined forces to carry out everything he had planned, especially in MotoGP. Participating as an independent team in the King class takes a lot of effort, but I know everyone will give a hundred and ten percent to make that dream come true. Personally, I see this as a real task, a challenge that we face – primarily and above all thanks to the power of Fausto, who watches us from above.” The new owner said in the statement.

Carlo Merlini, The team’s commercial and marketing director told more details at Jerez, the MotoGP station site now over the weekend.

“Today’s announcement was more of a formality than anything else. It was decided from the first moment that the family wanted to be involved practically in the further life of the team, but obviously some things take time. It is very important to us that the team owner not only has a role in the process, He also has a role in the process. Nadia will be the signatory to all agreements, but of course she will not make decisions alone, and everyone who also helped Fausto’s work will accompany her.” Merlini said.

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Although Padovani has been present at quite a few competitions over the past two decades, he knows exactly how the team works, and so do the team members. He has no relevant education or experience, but Merlini says there would be no disadvantage.

The key now is to be able to return to MotoGP as a standalone, where they are currently with the Aprilia factory team. They provide all the logistical background as part of the staff they are employed by.

“MotoGP is the priority now. And what kind of engine are we going to start with. We are negotiating with several brands and I hope an agreement will be reached within a month and a half.” Merlini added.

Another big task follows; Rebuilding an entire team and finding the right professionals, many former Gresini employees are now being hired directly by Aprilia

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