Moscow police prevented an opposition meeting, and many were arrested

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Ilya Jasin, a young mayor of a Moscow region, would also have spoken at the meeting.Photo: Alexandre Niemnov / AFP

Moscow police prevented the opposition group United Democrats from meeting scheduled for Saturday at a Moscow hotel. According to the correspondent of the German news agency DPA in Moscow, many of the protesters were taken out and taken from the scene by a slave carrier.

According to his report, opposition politician Vladimir Kara Mersa and activist Alexei Pivovarov were arrested. During the raid, dozens of people, including journalists, were prevented from leaving the hotel.

Several well-known opposition politicians had spoken at the UD meeting, including Ilya Jasin, the young opposition mayor of a Moscow district. It was not known why the police prevented the meeting.

A frequent complaint from the Russian opposition is that the security forces are seriously impeding free assembly. In recent times, the authority has repeatedly failed to allow dissidents to gather and organize rallies. (Via MTI)

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