Megjelent a Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

Megjelent a Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

In addition to the main game, the new version includes four add-ons and two item packs.

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What is the common denominator between secret government facilities and mega green cities? The fact that they are both included in the highly-acclaimed management simulation, and Two Point Hospital A remake is already available, Two Point Hospital Jumbo edition Among its new and exciting sites.

Packed carefully Jumbo edition It includes the base game, four attachments, and two sets of items offering a total of 27 hospitals, 189 diseases, and a lot of hospital equipment. In add-ons, players can visit new territories in Two Point County, including exploring extraterrestrial species from Close Encounters, or join Mayor of Two Point County on their journey to environmental success as part of Off the Grid.

Two-point hospital The JUMBO Edition contains:

a Bigfoot It invites you to the wintry regions of the Puente Mountains, where local celebrity Bartholomew F. Yeti for better health. Mr. Yeti needs your help in treating new diseases like Cold Shoulder, Cold Flu and Aurora Snorealis!

a Pepperley Island Your adventure begins in the gentle climate of Pepperley Countryside, followed by the dense and undiscovered spots of Overgrown, and finally the scenic conquest of Mount Toplice awaits you as you search for the lost secret of eternal youth.

a Close encounters It is full of rumors that are not related to these mundane encounters. Fight conspiracies, secret installations, and extraordinary diseases such as science friction and lack of humanity. Maybe you can even see some aliens.

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Do you prefer green and natural things? no problem! The Out of network coverage Plus, you can embark on the eco-friendly path of success by using the new gameplay mechanics. Visit Two Point County’s first eco-city, park and drive away from the Root Snoot and the Green Fingers.

Put the wheel of time back in time with a set of 26 classic and classic pieces that you can put in the hospital as you please. Old items package And also unleash the artist inside you Gallery Items Package With its contents.

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