Mark Lakatos was masterfully distributed by Peter Hajo

Felhévizy, even though he doesn’t like it, still comes across things worn by many Hungarian celebrities in many cases. You can imagine who just broke up with whom, where he is expecting a wedding or which star is expecting a baby. Unfortunately, this celebrity gossip has become so pervasive in our lives today through television and the Internet that it has slowly entered our consumption habits. Today, he happily started a YouTube channel, a podcast, and a TikTok page, because people buy it. In addition to self-proclaimed influencers, of course, veteran cyclists and famous TV presenters are also accustomed to these formats, because they really hide many possibilities.

There are a few pages on the Internet that the journalist regularly checks out and follows. Examples are the podcasts of Márton Gulyás’ Partizán or Sándor Friderikusz. Felix loves to hear what the opposition is arguing about. But, for example, Peter Haggai has a show, A.J Flying saucer, who follows him because he invites interesting people to talk to him. It has already been visited by Dobmann and Palaz Sebastien. Last week’s show’s guest was Marc Lakatos, a designer who dresses very outrageously, to put it mildly, and opinion man, who has generated a lot of controversy lately, linked to Hungarian celebrities from Majka to Gabi Tóth. By the way, to be honest, Felhévizy was not interested in this broadcast, because the character and performance of Mark Lakatos did not reach the threshold of motivation. However, after the show trumpet It started between Peter Hajo and Mark Lakatos regarding what was said on the show. This is how the story became interesting.

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Felhévizy watched the show in question and read the article about the post-show hangout News also. It so happened that after the video was posted on the Internet, Lakatos panicked and sent a message to Hajj, who, in his opinion, set a bad and negative example of homosexual behavior in a feminine manner during the conversation, when he referred to the scandalous TikTok video of a transgender Tiktok, Noryna Diamond.

“But the fact that you brought up this example, that there are gays who simply act feminine, their gestures, their speech or whatever, and because of that they are discriminated against from positions of leadership, I think that was the most outrageous analogy. So shame on you for that, and please apologise.” To all concerned!”

Haggai, of course, did not leave the accusations unspoken, in his response he made a glossy reference to the liberal celebrity:

“It’s interesting that you came up with this short story about me practically a week after the recording. During and after the conversation, you still understood what it was about, and now you’re enlightened in a way, but in the wrong direction.”

After watching the show, Peter Haggai is clearly right in this argument. However, it is outrageous, despite the fact that we have become accustomed to it over the years, with the constant face of liberals who are able to give the politically correct, exaggerated, but amazingly fair PC.

It happened again this time.

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