Little Paradise has become the world’s first “beautiful island”.

Getting to the Maldives is the desire of many travelers. In this Garden of Eden, where everything testifies to beauty and wonder, there is a little gem off the beaten paths of mass tourism, a strip of land where time seems to have stopped. We are talking about Nika Island, which has become the first “beautiful island” in the world.

Nika Island in the MaldivesSource:

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and featuring tiny atolls and atolls, the Maldives is home to wild, unspoilt landscapes. It consists of white beaches that sparkle in the sunshine, lagoons with clear blue waters, and long coral reefs. Also located here is Nika Island, which has become part of the Circle of Kindness International Movement, an international network that aims to spread the universal value of kindness around the world.

On April 2, the ceremony of proclamation takes place under the hundreds-year-old Nika tree, from which the island takes its name. There, this area was declared the first “beautiful island” in the world

Nika Island is one of those destinations that are not yet on the tourist bucket list, and it is a true gem waiting to be discovered. Time has magically slowed down on the island, only nature sets its pace.

It really feels like a part of the Garden of EdenSource:

On a small island far from mass tourism, people live there with joy and at the same time with a common commitment to preserving the authenticity, history and natural heritage of the place. So this strip of land has become the bearer of a unique and important message: to live according to the value of the good – He writes

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