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LEGO 2K Drive is already in its fourth season

LEGO 2K Drive is already in its fourth season

the LEGO 2K Engine It wasn't a world-changing game, but the concept was fundamentally fun. Players are launched into a massive racing-focused world, where they can race on asphalt, off-road and water with their very own LEGO vehicles.

Following today's trends, the game introduces new content long after the premiere, which is divided into seasons. The fourth season of the genre started today with a lot of new things. In addition to four new biomes, four new vehicles, five new drivers, twenty-one free trophies and one hundred new levels, new game modes have also been added to the game. These are the following:

  • Top of the stars: Beyond the snow-capped peaks of Stargaze Summit, the competition extends into outer space, featuring seven new courses, three challenges and nine on-the-go events.
  • Hockey carts goal: Players can test their DIY vehicles on the ice in a new way, control a massive hockey puck in multiplayer with Collision, and test their skills in the new 3v3 online multiplayer mode, which can also be played in 1v1 split screen.
  • Time trial races: The Time Trial game mode introduces a new enemy to even the most experienced players: time. During the competition, the entire field is empty, so nothing can stand between the player and the highest decision.
  • Special flair in the garage: These collectibles have different effects – for example, one of them notifies you when a collectible is nearby, but you can also find a flamethrower, which you can use to melt your rivals' vehicles and the environment – which can be used in single-player and non-competitive modes.
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Seasons in LEGO 2K Drive have no time limits, and players can progress at their own pace. The Season 4 Premium Drive Pass is part of the Year 1 Drive Pass, but can also be purchased separately.

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Jerry J
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