Leaked: The United States may have known China’s scary secret for a long time

One of the balloons passed over a group of US warships in the Pacific Ocean (the so-called “carrier strike group” consisting of an aircraft carrier and several other warships), but the incident was never reported.

There is no information about when the Chinese released these devices.

According to the leaked documents, the US authorities are still in the dark about the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down in February. However, the documents reveal that the airship was called “Kilin 23” in the twentieth century. A notorious mid-century gangster, Donald Killeen after.

Other Chinese spy balloons have also been named after notorious mafia leaders, such as “Bulger 21”. James “Whitey” Bulgerand Accardo-21. Tony AccardoHe eats.

According to the leaked documents, the spy balloons are equipped with highly sophisticated monitoring devices.

The global public first learned of China’s spy balloons during the February incident this year. If the leaked material is real, the US authorities must have known about it for some time.

Cover photo: A Chinese spy balloon over the United States on February 4, 2023. Peter Zee/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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