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László Kövér joined Lőrinc Mészáros

László Kövér joined Lőrinc Mészáros

Parliament Speaker László Kóvier recently gave a longer interview to… For Mandarinwhere he made, among other things, serious criticism of the activities of the Ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary:

I hear from others that he is the US Ambassador to Hungary, but based on his activities, frankly, that is not clear to me yet. His behavior, to put it mildly, is completely unusual. (…) This man called David Pressman doesn’t care about the words he uses and the gestures he makes.

The speaker was also asked about the LGBTQI picnic organized by Pressman, which was attended by several opposition politicians:

“According to the established laws, he organizes any party he wants, and invites whomever he feels comfortable with – and I must add that I do not envy his guests. If he had invited me too, I would not have thought of accepting him! (…) I can name almost all the American ambassadors since 1990 by name. I then developed a personal relationship with each of them, limited to at least one conversation. (…) And there were those who acted specifically as friends of Hungary, for mutually beneficial cooperation. But Pressman did not fit into either category. On On the contrary, he represents in one person all the negative stereotypes that make the Yankees so unpopular in the wide world – except perhaps toxic masculinity.

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In addition, László Kover – like Gergely Gulyas – also expressed his thoughts on Lőrinc Mészáros’ luxury holiday, highlighting the importance of intelligence and a sense of responsibility:

I have always agreed with this, not because one should be ashamed if someone has a lot of money, but because in a country with a history like ours, one still has to endure good luck or a divine gift to stand out from the crowd. Average with dignity and wisdom, if everything had nothing to do with politics. But, as we see, there is. With an average level of intelligence and sense of responsibility, I think it’s easy to see that.

In the interview, László Kóvier also spoke about the fact that Sweden and Finland joining NATO would actually weaken Europe’s security rather than strengthen it.

“It increases the surface of contact between Russia and NATO in the strict and literal sense of the word, which, in my opinion, does not even serve the interests of the Swedish and Finnish people.” – Justify the speaker. According to Kövér, the Hungarian Parliament’s decision does not depend on the Turks’ decision, “It is the sovereign parliament of a sovereign state that decides.”

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