Surprise, the host was defeated in Canada

Surprise, the host was defeated in Canada

On the first day of the Men’s Elite Hockey World Championships in Riga, Russia defeated the Czech team 4-3, Germany defeated the Italians 9-4, while the host nation surprisingly beat Canada 2-0. Slovakia beat Belarus 5-2.

Hosts Latvia beat Canada to surprise everyone on the opening day of the Hockey World Cup


Record Champion Russia national team Czech Republic The 2021 World Cup Elite vs. The match brought equal opportunities, 1-1 after the first quarter and 2-2 after the second – the Russians led both times. They also benefited in the third quarter, but two and a half minutes before the end, the Czech Republic tied again (3-3).

The Russians finally advanced for the fourth time with 19 seconds left من Mikhail Grigorenko Through which the Czechs can no longer answer. 3-4

It happens at the same time as before Germany and Italy The teams organized a real goal festival during the match. After the first third, there was still a 2–2 position, but in the second half, the German team made an amazing attacking match and won this stage by 5-0. Even in the third quarter, he made only one draw from the Italians (2-2), which led to Germany winning by five goals. 9-4

This was followed by a surprise match: the host Become the national team probably Canada I stepped on the ice, and won 2-0. Latvia took the lead two seconds before the end of the first quarter and then won the second leg by one, so he could wait for the last twenty minutes with a 2-0 advantage. The Canadians tried in vain, could not break through the Latvian defense, and did not score. For the first time in the history of Latvia, he defeated Canada in the World Cup.

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At the same time, the young man is middle-aged Slovakia defeated Belarus 5-2. The Slovaks won the first third 3-0, and there was no goal in the second. The Belarusian team excelled in the last part of the match, but Slovakia also reacted well, and this third did not lose – they won three.

Associated with this positive test for the Kazakh hockey virus at the World Championships. So far, the hosts of the 16-team tournament have conducted 2,750 tests. Latvian organizers say there will be tests every three days during the World Cup.

Elite World Championship, Riga
1. National Action Program
the group
Russia – Czech Republic 4-3
(1–1, 1–1, 2–1)
Belarus – Slovakia 2-5 (0–3, 0–0, 2–2)
group b
Germany – Italy 9-4
(2–2, 5–0, 2–2)
Canada – Latvia 0-2 (0–1, 0–1, 0–0)

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