Krisztián Zámbó's partner danced in a sheer dress: Zsuzsika looked dazzling on the stage of Star Star - a Hungarian star

Krisztián Zámbó’s partner danced in a sheer dress: Zsuzsika looked dazzling on the stage of Star Star – a Hungarian star

On February 6, 2022, a star in star Season 8, in which 12 celebrities once again competed for the title of the country’s most versatile artist.

It’s an unwritten rule that there’s a clown on duty every season: In season seven, Curtis products worked the membranes, and in 2017, Pope Josie secured tearful funny moments.

Krisztián Zámbó and Zsuzsika in Star in the Star

this year Krisztian Zámbó Responsible for humor. He first laughed at the audience as Eva Sebrigi, the performer of the song I’m So Sexy last week. However, in the fifth broadcast, he got a serious job, having to hide in the skin of Dead Love, who died in January of this year.

Photo: TV2 / Star

The artist performed his most famous songs. Released in 1993, I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do It) reached the top of the charts in 28 countries and won two Grammy Awards for singer the following year.

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This time around, Nóra Szily’s guest will be Dr. Liza Lukács, Crisis Counsellor, who will be looking for answers to tough questions about the factors that may be behind emotional eating. They also talk about shortcomings and possible solutions: How can we deal with this problem that affects so many people? Among other things, we will get an answer for these evenings at the Femina Club in April.

The exact details of the evening can be found here: Femina. hu/feminaklub

Tickets are only available online, click here to buy!

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Date: April 25, 2022 at 6 pm
Venue: Joseph Attila Theatre

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As with all productions, the show’s creators have been dreaming of the original clip on stage once again. In the short film, Meat Loaf appears as a monster, and beautiful model, Dana Patrick, descends and dances around her. The lady who will be conquered in the star cannot be ruled out either, the bride of Krisztián Zámbó has taken on the role.

Zsuzica He’s trained competitively for 15 years, so it’s no surprise that he’s knocking everyone out with his theatrical moves. Her appearance was also bewitching, as she took to the stage in a sheer white sheer dress.

After the song, Zsuzsika betrayed her, she was very excited because everything was fine. In the end, his fear turned out to be unfounded.

Deutsch Anita in an embroidered dress in Dancing with the Stars

Otto Kinsey finished second on season two of Dancing with the Stars, but not only was he seen on the floor, but his wife Anita Deutsch was also part of the choreography. In our pictorial collection, we show how hot she was, and you can also see more stars in sequined dresses.

Cover Photo: TV2 / Star Star

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