Kolink’s Blog: Rocket Complex, the newest missile

The Kolink Rocket House series recently expanded with a particularly interesting and promising member.

The vast majority of packages built around Mini-ITX motherboards are designed with the smallest size possible in mind, which is an advantage if you want to hide your PC, but it has a few drawbacks in terms of buildability, expandability, and ventilation. Released by Kolink a few months ago missile complex It’s still not gigantic in terms of floor space, but due to its height and overall design, it offers a relatively large interior space that can still be safely placed on our desk next to the monitor.


The Rocket complex uses a steel frame that is “locked in” by a curved U-shaped unit made of titanium gray, matte aluminum panels, and a tempered glass panel on the right that gives you a glimpse into the interior—while another aluminum slab is on the left. Except for the glass, we’re talking about a unit with plenty of vents, so you don’t have to worry about warm air getting trapped inside.


In terms of dimensions, we can expect a height of 448 mm and a floor area of ​​215 x 216 mm, so it is actually a tall column in which the motherboard and video card are installed in an upright position. The power supply cable, external wires for the motherboard (such as keyboard, mouse, etc.) and video cables are also removed from the bottom of the device, and the bottom hole due to the legs made of the frame allows them to be removed easily.

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At the top there is a power button, a USB Type-A connector, and a Type-C connector, both 3.0, but there is no audio output.


The missile complex has almost three main rooms inside. The motherboard is placed on the left side and the VGA disconnect on the right side, which has 2.8 sockets and can be expanded up to 330mm in length. The third compartment is on top and hides the power supply, which can be the size of an SFX/SFX-L. This design helps ensure that all components receive cool air at all times, despite the relatively small internal size, and that VGA heat does not heat up the motherboard, for example. The lifter cable required for connection is of course included. The data storage can be placed between the frame and the outer casing, here we can hide the inner cables.


In terms of cooling options, two 12cm fans can fit on the frame housing, and they’re included in the Kolink anyway, but if you’d like, you can adjust them for water cooling, for example, so there’s enough room to fit an AiO with a 240mm cooler. This may be required for high-performance machines, as the maximum height of the CPU cooler is limited to 110mm. Four 2.5-inch bays are created for data storage, so only 2.5-inch hard drives can be installed in addition to SSDs.

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