Hyundai and Kia have jointly developed the E-GMP platform, which can be used specifically and (to our knowledge) only as the basis for battery-powered electric vehicles. Group CEO Hyundai has already introduced that The first type, Which was built on that floor, and now it’s Keana’s turn to build his electric vehicle: the EV6.

The name is easier to follow than the current name, although it does offer a less creative type mapping scheme. However, we don’t know if the traditional models will be renamed number and letter combinations – likely yes, like other markets This process has begun.

We don’t know how far the number can move after the EV (electric vehicle) has moved.

A purely electric crossover from Kia 2

It is a logical assumption that Kia will limit itself to single-digit designations; In this case, the EV6 could be a mid-range recreational vehicle (points like Hyundai Ionic 5), With space left at the top for at least one larger crossover model and possibly a flagship sedan (eg K8).

There is no information yet about what is to come. That being said, the EV6 is sure to actually fully roll out in the first quarter of 2021, that is, by the end of March.

A purely electric crossover from Kia 3

The same rhombus patterns appear on the tail end of the Kia K8 sedan

Kia has also released three bunny tail videos of its upcoming novelty; these Click here You can watch it.