Katalin Seely: It is important that national communities be able to preserve their identity

Katalin Seely: It is important that national communities be able to preserve their identity

The goal is for the Hungarian national communities to be able to live proudly of Hungary and its citizenship, and to be good citizens of their country, while at the same time preserving their identity for the long term, Prime Minister Katalin Selye said in the presentation. From the first volume of Hungarian Minority Rights

In the first volume of the series, the authors, linguist Istvan Cernicscu and lawyer Mihaly Toth, present the ethnic and linguistic rights of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia. The National Institute for Policy Research contributed to the preparation of the volume.

The prime minister, who is involved in conciliation actions for self-governance across borders, spoke as the initiator of the volume that if all five volumes of the series were completed by the fall, they could show seeing where and where improvements could be made to ensure minority rights.


It is very important to be able to compare legislation on the protection of minorities in EU member states and associated countries, such as Ukraine since 2017, with EU projections,

He believed that there was an important message about a country’s compliance with minority protection legislation, even if those rules could not be enforced.

He also said that the aim of the book series is to take a snapshot in 2021 of minority rights stuck outside borders, and the legal options and frameworks that ensure minority rights in every country. He added that the most sensitive area in this matter is the situation of Hungarians in Transcarpathia and Ukrainian legal regulations, since in recent years there have been many reductions in the rights of minorities in Ukraine, which Hungary regrets.

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Katalin Seely hoped so

Ukraine will return to the policy of protecting minorities that it started in the 1990s.

It remains important to defend each other, and within the framework of good neighborliness and cooperation, Hungary strives for dialogue between the two countries on issues affecting societies. He added that we are ready for this dialogue at any time.

In her presentation, Catalin Seely also spoke about the important steps that have been taken to unite the nation over the past 12 years, including the constitution and citizenship law, the right to vote for people who cross borders, and economic support for those who live. Abroad. There is scope to “adjust” national policy. he added:

On 3 April we must also defend at the ballot box what we have achieved in national politics.

Zoltán Kántor, Director of the National Institute for Policy Research, spoke in salutation: The volume was created with the participation of politics, science, and public administration. As he said, it is important not only because it is of scientific value, but also because they have the political will to make minority rights as widely known as possible. He noted that the volume will soon be available for download from the Research Institute’s website as well.

Presenting the book, Ferenc Kalmar, Ministerial Commissioner for Hungarian Neighborhood Policy Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, sat in the audience and spoke about the differences between the Ukrainian and Hungarian sides on minority rights. As he said, in Hungary an individual has the right to decide how to exercise his minority rights, but in Ukraine, it is the state that decides this. Ferenc Kalmar thanked the authors for their work.

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