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Kaczynski's party may or may not have won in Poland

Kaczynski's party may or may not have won in Poland

On April 21, a second round will be held in those areas where none of the mayoral candidates received more than 50% of the votes.

The results published on the website of the Polish National Election Commission (PKW) based on 100% vote processing show that the difference between PiS and KO results is slightly larger compared to the exit voter poll published on Sunday evening among those who left. polling booth. The exit poll showed that PiS received 33.7% and KO 31.9%.

The Polish Peasants' Party (PSL) and Poland 2050 were among the other government coalition groups. Third Way (TD) The named bloc received 14.3 percent of the votes, A left side He got 6.3 percent. Far right, opposition Confederation He received 7.2% of the votes.

The result calculated on the basis of the total votes cast for parties in the districts shows this

With the exception of the CNT, support for all parties has declined in one way or another since the parliamentary elections held on October 15.

The largest drop of 2.3 percentage points was made by the smallest force in Donald Tusk's government coalition, the left. Although the Law and Justice Party won the current elections, it received 1.1% fewer votes. The two largest forces in the government coalition, KO and TD, barely lost in percentage terms. By converting the percentages into parliamentary mandates, Tusk's government would still have a stable majority.

Based on the combined results Out of Poland's 16 provinces, the Labor Party won in 9 provinces, and the Law and Justice Party won in 7 provinces.Although he did not obtain an independent majority in all of them. According to the exit poll, Labor would have won 10 provinces, PiS in 6.

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The west-eastern division of the country is clearly visible on the map.

The formation of local coalitions depends on how many county councils the Labor Party will control with other government coalition partners, and how many PiS councils it will control. For example, in Podlassie Voivodeship in northeastern Poland, there is one mandate missing from an independent majority.

Participation rate according to PKW 51.94 percent put out.

We wrote about the Polish municipal elections in more detail in this article, where we also used the results of the opinion polls as a basis:

Cover photo: Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of Poland's opposition Law and Justice party, speaks on the eve of the first round of Polish local elections in Warsaw on April 7, 2024. MTI/EPA-PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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