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Julia Kudlic: “As long as I live, this will be my job and my mission.”

Julia Kudlic: “As long as I live, this will be my job and my mission.”

Kudlik Julia, the iconic face of Hungarian television stole the hearts of TV viewers exactly sixty years ago. On this occasion, he sat down to talk with the Eventus Podcast Studio correspondent, during which he revealed what he considers his life's mission. “I believe that our life on Earth is actually a service. Our task is to do it and achieve it according to our means and abilities. This is nothing more than useful to many – the legendary TV presenter agreed, then quoted the words of Gésa Gardone: – “Be the one from whom it flows.” “Peace.” Be one who is not influenced by power. Reach where they ask for your hand. “And go where love is cold” – he read. “I keep this in mind, and as long as I live, this will be my job and my mission.”

Julia Kudlic added that she does not know if love exists today. “If the Creator comes, will he find love on earth? Love is so cold, it trembles. I also believe that we do not need smart people, we need good people.” As he said, the world was very different, it wasn't fast paced, and not all of our orders were fulfilled at the push of a button. He stated that larger families lived together, and our needs were smaller. “I'm not a destroyer of anything good, and I'm not against any development, but I think people today are more concerned with themselves one way or another than with those around them. It deals with material and external things much more than with internal things. It's that spiritual need,” Julia Kudlick said. “Which we can deny, of course, but even if we deny it, we are born with it – it is not satisfied.”

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Featured Image: YouTube/Eventus Podcast Studio

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