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Josh Kerr defeated Jakob Ingebrigtsen, there are two world champions in the women’s pole vault
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Josh Kerr defeated Jakob Ingebrigtsen, there are two world champions in the women’s pole vault

The biggest surprise of the day was the men’s 1,500m race at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest on Wednesday, where Norway’s Jakob Ingebrigtsen failed to win gold again, just like last year.

The clear favorite in the competition was Ingebrigtsen, just like last year in Eugene, where he was beaten by Britain’s Jake Whiteman in the heat.

However, the latter was unable to come to Budapest, where he has been suffering from injuries for several months. However, in this field, the British won the Olympic bronze medal Josh Kerr personally who took Whitman’s place.

at the start of the race Jacob Engbrijtsen He quickly took the lead and the others let him lead. The 22-year-old Norwegian ran at a high pace, but the field held tight and it soon became clear that poetry would decide the fate of the world title.

Moving into the last lap, Ingebrijtsen managed to increase the pace, and the gap widened, but in the last corner Kerr managed to run towards the Norwegian, so he advanced next to him at the finish line and ran alongside him, and in the last lap he managed to advance in front of him in the last 20 meters, and he was no longer his competitor, who He seemed visibly angry, capable of innovation. The bronze medalist was won by Narvi Gilgi Nordas, also from Norway, with gorgeous hair.

Eventual winner Karsten Warholm of Norway (B3), eventful runner-up Kieron McMaster of the British Virgin Islands (B2) and third-placed American Ray Benjamin (J) in the men’s 400m hurdles final at the IAAF World Championships in Budapest. From left, Alison dos Santos from Brazil. Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

One of the biggest Norwegian favorites didn’t make it, but half an hour later, their other big star, the men’s 400 hurdles world record holder To Karsten Warholm Victory has come.

In the end, Warholm and the American Ray Benjamin His battle is reliable and the race is paper-like up to 300 metres, but upon reaching the finish line, the Norwegian pulled away from his tired opponent and won with a time of 46.89 seconds. Equipped in full force, Benjamin arrived from the British Virgin Islands Kieron McMaster preceded it too.

In the women’s 400m event, a paper result was issued

After the withdrawal of the American world ranking leader Sidney McLaughlin Dominican Livroni Marilady Paulino He became a towering competitor and won with a great sprint, a national record time of 48.76 seconds. Poland is in second place Natalia Kazmarekand Barbados in the third Sada Williams I arrived to the destination.

The toughest final of the day was presented by the women’s pole vault and two of them emerged victorious from their battle

And in high-quality competition, the three-time World Cup silver medalist is American Sandy Morris He said bye early, already at 4.75m, but four from the field reached 4.80m, then 4.85 was achieved by the Australian To Nina Kennedy And the American to Katie Moon It worked, even for the first time.

After another five centimetre lift, two bad attempts followed, then the Australian jumper and then the American jumper also swung over the bar. The score of 4.95 did not suit either of them, and then – after they had the same number of errors in the competition – they agreed with each other not to continue and both would win gold medals.

Women's pole vault
Australian winners Nina Kennedy (left) and American Katie Moon (left), from left, Finland’s Wilma Murtaugh finished third after the women’s pole vault final at the World Championships in Athletics in Budapest at the National Athletics Center. Photo: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

Women’s 400m World Champion:

Marilidi Paulino (Dominican Republic) 48.76 seconds
2. Natalia Kazmarek (Poland), 49.57
3. Sada Williams (Barbados), 49.60

Women’s pole vault, world champion:

Nina Kennedy (Australia) and Katie Moon (USA) 4.90m
3. Wilma Murto (Finland), 4.80

World Champion in the men’s 400m hurdles:

Karsten Warholm (Norway) 46.89 seconds
2. Kieron McMaster (British Virgin Islands) 47.34
3. Ray Benjamin (USA) 47.56
Árpád Bánóczy was eliminated in the preliminary round.

World Champion in the men’s 1500 meters:

Josh Kerr (Great Britain) 3:29.38 p.m
2. Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway) 3:29.65
3. Narvi Gilgi Nordas (Norway) 3:29.68

Luca Cusack did not reach the final in the 100m hurdles

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