State of the Union: The United States reaffirmed its commitment to NATO

In the state of the union this week as well Stefan Group Expecting their attention. The broadcast will, of course, be about setting up the vaccine. For weeks, the European Commission received heavy criticism, then this week it launched a counterattack and ordered 300 million more doses of the vaccine, while one factory pledged to produce another 200 million doses. The European Commission president also sends a message to those who buy a Russian vaccine:

“In general, I must say that we are still wondering why Russia is theoretically providing millions and millions of doses while not making good progress in vaccinating its own citizens as well. I think that is the answer to that question.” Summed up Ursula von der Leyen.

The broadcast will provide ample space for a two-day video conference of NATO defense ministers. There was, for the first time, the new US Secretary of Defense – and he asked for help from the Europeans.

President Biden is firmly committed to resurrecting the United States’ allied system, and NATO is really at the top of that list. NATO allies face a long and growing number of threats. So NATO is really more important than at any time in its history. We remain aggressive and continue to threaten terrorism, we are. We face mixed attacks, cyber attacks and the challenges of China that we want to show again. – The US ambassador to NATO says about the program, Douglas Jones.

More details in the state of the union.

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