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Jak II has also received an unofficial PC port! [VIDEO]

Jak II has also received an unofficial PC port! [VIDEO]

If Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment don’t care about the past at all (because let’s be honest: “naughty dogs” are more interested in The Last of Us these days…), then fans should do the impossible. ..

So OpenGOAL is the one behind the project. The name may be familiar to Jak (Jak & Daxter) fans, as they also decoded the first part Jak & Daxter to create a PC version of it, and we may have written about this in the past. They have been working on a port of Part 2 for some time. This is a project that imitates the original code language, GOAL, in order to create an original and authentic port with the same gameplay, somewhat nicer visuals, and as much better performance as possible.

The fans have achieved more than that. Although experimental, the first two conversions for Jak PC also support higher frame rates, but a couple of QoL (quality improvement) functions have also been implemented. Moreover, the two ports also support unique levels, but this is still very primitive, so it’s better to wait here (but don’t be surprised if completely unique hacks can be created later, which could give the franchise a new life).

How to turn on the port (or even ports)? On the OpenGOAL website, you can find the launcher link in the upper right corner. In addition, we must have a PS2 version of the game (enough image file, so there is no need to scratch the disc). From there, step by step, it is possible to convert the game’s PS2 code into PC code that runs locally (not emulated!), so it’s not a matter of buying a PCSX2 emulator and inserting the disc/image file into it, but much more than that.

We’ve also included two videos; The second video was uploaded a few months ago, detailing how we can make OpenGOAL work. And deservedly so, as Naughty Dog and Sony won’t even take a single look at one of the PS2’s flagship franchises…

source: WCCFTech

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