Its beauty is difficulty: few of them

– It is customary to say that the church is stagnant because it is not growing, that is, there are no more people who go to church, there are no more people in the voter register who are more than fifteen years old, in fact, there are even fewer. But they do not take into account that new brothers and sisters come to replace the buried ones. If a reformed society remains, it is no cause for complaint, but for giving thanks. Let us serve with the Christian thought we learned from him, that even the gates of hell will not prevail in Holy Mother Church. There will be a mother’s chapel, – points out Judith Nemeth. The Salgótarján Reformed Church had hard times during the socialist period, as those who came to church on Sundays were noticed from the school next door to the church. The next day they were called to account. “However, here we are.” For a long time, only one or two people went to the service, and there were no afternoon sessions because no one showed up. In the Old Testament, remnants are often spoken of: they are important, because life sprouts from them again. I am grateful for the earnest core of the Salgótarján Church, who stick together and listen to each other, and I know from them when one of them is taken to the hospital. He asserts that ensuring the future is always the seed.

The pastor believes that the scattered reform meant approximately sixty people in his district. In many cases, family ties are behind the retention of their reformed identity. – If the person of the great-grandfather was respected, who took a serious position in his church, then the awareness of this affects the offspring, the thinking of the young. Sometimes they visit a reformation service because their ancestors also practiced this faith.

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With the experience of the past thirty-five years of service, he affirms that it is important to have a good foundation for a person’s life, if this is the case, he will not be shaken if a chapter ends in him, because he has done his best and knows that not everything is in his power. He himself was born as the sixth son of a minister’s family. His father served in the chapels under socialism. My brothers and I have seen that spirituality is not a respectable profession, yet we have been brought with us from our childhood that there is no service more important than being on God’s mission. And those who think this way are not upset by the moment, because this is not what they live for, – Judith adds, but she does not claim that it is easy for her to put up with all this. – When I enter the church in the robe and there are much fewer students than usual, the discouraging, but secondary question is how many people do I serve, – explains the priestess. The Károly Dobos Award fills him with good feeling, and he sees it as recognition of his work, and he believes that pastors of chapels also need recognition.

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