Lecserélték II. Erzsébet királynőt "Kis Angliában"

It was replaced by II. Queen Elizabeth in “Little England”

The Caribbean island of Barbados, referred to by many as “Little England,” will change the shape of the country from November 30, National Geographic. Once this kingdom is replaced, a new president will take over the presidency of the second country. From Queen Elizabeth, who has served as Head of State so far. The island’s first president will be the current governor, Lady Sandra Mason.

Mason’s new position was accepted by both houses of local parliament, meaning that after 40 years of marathon debate over the form of government and 55 years after the country officially became independent from the colony in 1966, they are dumping the latter. An element of British public heritage. In fact, a longer journey is nearing its end, as Barbados first revolted against the British in the 17th century, when settlers from Europe claimed the island for themselves.

Locals won’t see much change firsthand, because the Constitution, like the Queen, has an almost ceremonial role for the president. Real power, as is usual in constitutional monarchies, rests with the prime minister and his government. The island is otherwise considered a tax haven. Barbados, whose 54 members make up former island colonies, does not even leave the British Commonwealth.

The most significant change will be that in the future, Barbados will not have to obtain the consent of the Queen of England to appoint other ambassadors and diplomats to represent the island in various countries around the world. For most Barbados, secession from the British Crown means they will permanently close their colonial past and, keeping their identities in their own hands, can continue to live out their destiny.

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