It was once promised, but the giant coal-fired power plant is pushing hard now

We’ve written about AGL and the Liddell coal power plant, which has been swelling near Sydney for 50 years, several times in recent years. Despite the fact that the company first promised to close the on-site power plant soon in 2015, the business has always been somewhat stuck with the promise of “we’ll start soon”. But the visions and plans for the big change that will happen in the near future and its expected effects are already starting to take shape. AGL is on the verge of shutting down its 1,680 MW power plant.

The first unit of the four-block monster, a Methosalek-era coal-fired monster, was revealed on April 1. Currently reported by the energy company By saying this is a “major milestone in the energy transition” – and another step in the development of AGL. By disconnecting a 500-megawatt unit from a power generator in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, this would free the atmosphere from more pollution equivalent to the exhaust of about 400,000 cars a year – and the other units would be shut down over the next 12 months.

Also related to PV . magazine advertising he rememberedthat AGL has pledged to build an integrated, low-carbon industrial power center with a grid-connected 500MW/2GWh battery pack, promising one of the largest technological transformations in the federal state.

AGL, which is still waiting for coal field reclamation, has already obtained planning permission to build a massive energy storage system and has also signed this LOI with Future Industries Fortescuewith which they enter the green infrastructure for hydrogen production and, as part of it, a hydroelectric power plant.

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In terms of its various parameters, the closing of Australia’s top 10 Liddell power plants is part of the country’s accelerating process of decoupling from fossil fuels, something that is hard to see given Australia’s abundance of high-quality coal and its own needs. It exports huge quantities, still about 500 million tons per year. However, on the one hand, it caused serious politically motivated changes The devil shoutedDue to the serious deteriorating effects of local, local and public interests, the companies involved tend to flee from their increasingly precarious situation.

AGL also announced in February that it had accelerated shutdown protocols for its two other coal-fired power plants. And while Bayswater’s 2,640 megawatt units have been pledged to shut down by 2033, this is already two years less than previously promised. For three years, the Loy Yang A power plant with a capacity of 2,210 MW was also cut off. In that case, Earing (2,880 MW), which an Origin Energy PV employee predicted in August 2025, will shutdown sooner than pledged by 2045 — seven years earlier than previously planned.

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