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It turns out that we are the third. The secret to Carole’s enviable physique

It turns out that we are the third.  The secret to Carole’s enviable physique

There is no king in British history Third. in Caroli He could have been crowned at an older age, however, no one considered the ruler to be a sickly old man – and he had a serious business in this matter. Third. Karolyi is known to demand obsessive orders from his subordinates, and his private habits are to be respected by all, but for the sake of his health he expects such harsh consistency from himself, as he wrote: Mirror.

Photo: AFP

King doesn’t miss a single morning of exercise, and he doesn’t do any fake exercise either: He starts his morning with a 5BX fitness workout developed by the Canadian Air Force. The 12-minute series of workouts includes, among other things, push-ups, sit-ups, stretches and running in place, which the 74-year-old Karolyi never misses. And when he’s at Balmoral, he always makes time for long, sweeping walks on the moors—but he tries to squeeze long walks into his schedule at other times.

In the past, he also enjoyed equestrianism, but several injuries prevented him from continuing the sport: he had already broken his arm, his face had to be stitched together, and on one occasion he injured his back so badly that he could not even sit for a long time.

The newest royal of the United Kingdom has the same strictness in terms of eating, because according to his own admission, it is an eternal battle for him to maintain his body weight of 72 kilos and not lose or gain a single decade. To that end, he cooks his breakfast of fruits, seeds, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and a cup of tea, and then until five in the afternoon a third. Caroli doesn’t eat a single bite. Then some sandwiches and cake and of course the inevitable tea. According to some leakers, the king does not drink water even between two meals, so that he does not have to interrupt his tight schedule with visits to the bathroom. Even as Prince of Wales in the 1970s, Karolyi flirted with the idea of ​​vegetarianism, but eventually limited his consumption to just meat: He gave up eating meat and fish two days a week.

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As much as you can, iii. Karolyi also avoids banquets – in his opinion, for these events, the food served is prepared in advance, and then remains on the table for up to a day. He is so afraid of food poisoning that he always brings a chef, bartender, and doctor with him on his travels.

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