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It is imaged as one galaxy absorbs matter from another galaxy

It is imaged as one galaxy absorbs matter from another galaxy

They are rarely able to make such a recording.

Galaxies often interact with each other: they can merge, collide, or simply pass each other, all of which has a major impact on their shape and structure. Although these interactions are very common in the universe, it is very rare to get a shot that clearly shows them In the confrontation The interaction of the participating galaxies with each other – the Hubble Space Telescope was able to take such an image a few years ago:

This image shows the interacting galaxy pair Arp 282, which consists of Seyfert galaxy NGC 169 (bottom) and IC 1559 (top)

When two galaxies interact, tidal forces* generate gas, dust, and even entire solar systems They are leaving From one galaxy to another. And in the recording above, you can see exactly this, the way tiny streams of matter formed connecting the two galaxies.

*Tidal forces occur when the mass attraction, that is, gravity, of one object causes the distortion or elongation of another object. The direction of tidal forces is away from the less massive body and toward the more massive body.

(source: Hubble,Image: ESA/Hubble and NASA, c. Dalcanton, Dark Energy Survey, Department of Energy, FNAL/DECam, CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, SDSS Acknowledgments: J. Schmidt)

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