It comes with Xbox Series X processors.

It comes with Xbox Series X processors.

There are indications that AMD may recycle some defective models.

it is very interesting Newsletter From China, apparently some domestic manufacturers have launched motherboards with a central unit used in the Xbox Series X console. These are highly integrated solutions with ITX design, a processor called AMD 4700S and 16 GB of GDDR6 system memory soldered to it.

Computers with the Xbox Series X processor became available in ChinaSource:

According to manufacturers, special motherboards do not offer an integrated video controller, customers should definitely use a dedicated video card. This immediately explains the products’ existence: This is how AMD recycles CPUs originally intended for the Xbox Series X console that were built with a defective video controller, simply disabling its GPU. That’s not a feeling, small defective Xbox One chips have quietly sold that way in the past.

One vendor said the octa-core and 16-thread processor welded to the motherboard, which runs at 4 GHz, lags slightly behind the Intel Core i7-9700 and AMD Ryzen 4750G Pro chips in single-threaded runtime performance, but is stronger in multi-threading performance. From the previous one.


Motherboard Already available In at least one pre-assembled computer with a Radeon RX 550 video controller and a 256GB SSD costs 4,599 yuan, which is about 213,000 Ft.

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