Indicator – External – House of Representatives accuses Trump of incitement

US Federal House officials on Monday handed over documents to the Senate regarding a constitutional impeachment suit against former President Donald Trump, which is set to decide whether to hold the president accountable.

The impeachment procedure is very similar to a court hearing where the House of Representatives claims the prosecution and the House and Senate conduct the trial and decide whether the charge is justified and whether the president should be held accountable.

Trump was accused of fomenting the revolt by the vote of Democrats and many Republican politicians

Because of his fiery speech at a rally before the Capitol attack in early January. His followers then stormed the Legislature Building, as the Senate was about to ratify the November presidential election result that Trump lost. Several people were killed in the attack on the Capitol, including a police officer.

The Senate Trial of Donald Trump Starts on February 9, If convicted by the Senate, he will forfeit the benefits owed to him as a former president and will not be able to run for president again.

However, at least 17 Republican politicians in the Senate must support the president’s conviction because the Democrats in the Senate do not have a sufficient majority to do so.

This will be the fourth in US history isolation Trump is the first president to have been sued CNN.

Joe Biden said:

I am convinced that the trial will begin.

he added:

I am confident that the Senate leadership will fulfill its constitutional obligation of accountability.

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