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Indicator – Economy – We broke a record for SZÉP card payments

Indicator – Economy – We broke a record for SZÉP card payments

A record was set last year K&H SZÉP card holder Payments: The bank announced that the turnover of 27.7 billion HUF in 2021 increased by another half a billion HUF in 2022, bringing it closer to 28.2 billion HUF.

In this, the possibility of buying food for four months, interoperability between sub-accounts, acceptance points and Card holders The constant expansion of their number also played a role.

K&H SZÉP Card acceptance points The number has exceeded 39,000 nationwide, and the number of major card holders has exceeded 276,000.

We spent more on food

Although the sub accounts are only this year I stopped at the beginning of January Officially, due to the interoperability between sub-accounts valid as of April 25, 2021, we have already used the feature in this way for the past year.

Despite this, most of the spending was from a sub-account for catering (60.4 percent),

While 30.3 percent of usage came from the residence sub-account and 9.3 percent from the entertainment sub-account.

In the future, there will also technically be no sub-accounts, making it more convenient for cardholders to use their balance, as they no longer have to announce the benefit limit percentage they wish to share between the three sub-accounts.

In order to encourage the use of funds, the government has introduced a one-time fee, which is collected until October 15, 2022 and ends in May 2023. It is paid for benefits that have not been used until the 31st. Amounts restricted after October 15, 2022 can only be used for one year, and after That said, exporters must apply a one-time fee of 15 percent. It is therefore important that balances loaded up to October 15, 2022 be used up to May 31, 2023. At no cost.

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(Cover photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)