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Indicator – Economy – Guest worker panic: The government pledges to take strict measures

Indicator – Economy – Guest worker panic: The government pledges to take strict measures

“According to available information, the reduction in the number of employees occurred due to a temporary decrease in production in the aforementioned company, and in the spring both the number of employees and the level of production may return to the previously usual level. According to our information, 59 people have been dismissed from the company, 46 of them Hungarians and 13 foreigners. Out of 46 Hungarians, the company did not expel anyone (The employment of the affected parties has been terminated by mutual agreement – Ed.)” said Sandor Chomba when asked by Index.

Panic broke out over guest workers

We asked the Minister of State responsible for employment policy regarding the fact that several media outlets reported on Wednesday that the South Korean company Bumchun, which previously received billions of dollars in state aid and promised to create jobs, has now decided to let go of dozens of employees. Hungarian temporary workers.

Reports according to Vietnamese people's use instead.

According to the newspaper, the expelled Hungarians are in a difficult situation: the incident occurred in Nograd County, which suffers from the highest unemployment rate in the country. According to the first news, about 60 Hungarian workers have been fired from the Salgotarjan plant of the South Korean-owned Hungarian Bumchun Precision since December.

Later, the Ministry of National Economy stated that it would immediately investigate the situation in the case of Bumchun Precision Hungary Kft.

Sandor Chomba: Severe sanctions are possible

Sandor Zomba also confirmed to Index on Wednesday afternoon that the government is protecting Hungarian families and jobs. So, for Hungarian employees In all cases, they must be given priority When filling vacancies. “Under the legislation, foreign workers can only be employed if vacant positions can no longer be filled with Hungarian workers.” According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

The main reason for employing guest workers in the company in question is that at the end of last year, a large number of employees were on sick leave or leave from the company, so it was necessary to employ people mainly from third countries to ensure continuous production.

According to his information, the incident that occurred in Bumcheon is not typical, “and we will not allow it.”

The government uses all available means to prevent similar situations from occurring. We launch an immediate investigation in any case where there is suspicion that any company employs foreigners instead of Hungarian workers.

Sandor Zumba also touched on the fact that legislation related to the implementation of the new immigration law, which is being developed and adopted

Similar situations will be severely punished in the future.

He concluded his answer to our inquiry by saying: “Under the new law, a Hungarian worker must first be seconded to a particular vacant position, so a foreign worker can only reach a position if there is no Hungarian workforce available at all.”

(Cover photo: Sandor Chomba on June 15, 2023. Photo: Tamas Vasvari/MTI)