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A scientist from the University of Sydney in Australia may have found a rational explanation for the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Despite the fact that many ships and planes have disappeared here over the years, according to Karl Kruszelnicki, statistically there are no more disappearances in the Triangle compared to other places in the world, especially if you look at the amount of traffic that passes through the area – he wrote the BGR.

Based on that, Kruszelnicki says the Bermuda Triangle isn’t really that mysterious. It is believed that most of the disappearances are due to bad weather or human error, and not to the presence of huge sea creatures, supernatural forces or aliens.

The Bermuda Triangle has kept people interested for the past 70 years or so, and many believe that the disappearances can be linked to supernatural forces. Some even claim that aliens can hijack ships and planes.

However, according to Kruszelnicki, only human error and bad weather caused the disappearances. The scientist cited the most famous cases as proof of these human errors. In 1945, five US Navy bombers disappeared without a trace in the area.

According to the expert, only one of the 14 crew members was a truly experienced pilot, and he claims he was also known for making poor decisions and appearing drunk.

In addition, the weather on the day of the disappearance was stormy, with waves as high as five meters. Recorded radio conversations show that the captain and co-pilot disagreed about the direction of flight.

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Lieutenant Charles Taylor, the squadron commander, thought he was over the Florida Keys and his compass had malfunctioned. He fell out with his co-pilot and turned the plane east instead of west, so they were probably flying toward the open Atlantic Ocean.

Because of the bad weather and limited fuel, it is likely that they got into trouble and fell into the sea, and because the ocean in that area is so deep, it would be difficult to find the wreckage even if they searched in the right place in all.