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Index – Technical Sciences – Paid Facebook has arrived in Hungary

Index – Technical Sciences – Paid Facebook has arrived in Hungary

The paid function appeared on the web version of Facebook on Tuesday. It is not mandatory, but if a user pays 10 euros (about 3,850 Hungarian forints) per month, he can use the interface without ads.

Meta issued a statement on Monday last week informing users that it would be launching a paid version of Facebook and Instagram. The new system is introduced in accordance with EU regulations, but users will still have the opportunity to use the interfaces for free.

The innovation appeared in the desktop version of Facebook’s browser on Tuesday. If we decide to pay 10 euros, which is approximately 3,850 Hungarian forints at today’s exchange rate, we will not see any ads when using Facebook on the web.

Meta also drew the attention of its users to the fact that they can change their decision at any time or modify their settings so that the user experience is suitable for them.

If you pay via iPhone or Android, the monthly fee is €13, which is approximately 5,000 Hungarian forints.

Local prices may vary significantly. According to Meta, regardless of where we subscribe to the service, all Facebook and Instagram accounts connected to the Account Center will be ad-free, at least until March 1, 2024.

After that, we have to pay 6 EUR per month on the web and 8 EUR per month for each additional account, which means an additional cost of 2-3 thousand Hungarian Forints.