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Index – Technical – A huge update is coming to Samsung phones this year

Index – Technical – A huge update is coming to Samsung phones this year

From the point of view of the world of technology, the end of summer is always an exciting time – first of all, IFA in Berlin, one of the largest electronics fairs in Europe, starts at the end of August, but you shouldn’t forget about the various software releases, since the beta version will be launched From Android 14 and iOS 17 a month – releases are already in the final stages.

But even more exciting is that Samsung is also releasing a new version of its software interface during this period, this time named OneUI 6.0 — and in the middle of the week, the first developer builds are installed on Galaxy S23 devices, SamMobile writes.

The update based on Android 14, which is currently available in a few countries, has a surprising amount of new features, although the main Android release itself does not bring much excitement, but Samsung always likes to stir up a little backwater. We’re showing you what you can expect if you update your Samsung phone to the latest software version when it’s released to the public sometime in the fall.

The most important update in recent years

While in the case of Apple iOS 17 in the spring it was still expected to come with one of the biggest software updates ever, it became clear in the June presentation that that wouldn’t be the case at all. As we reported, the new iOS brings important improvements, but it was by no means a world-changer. Compared to this, expectations about Samsung’s new system were very low,

However, after the release of the first beta, we’re scratching our heads at the new functionality.

OneUI 6.0 has completely redesigned the Quick Switch panel and Media Center, and the default font has also been changed, which will now be the property of Samsung. Among the biggest innovations for young people is certainly the completely redesigned emoji, which in our opinion look much better than their predecessors, and which in some cases can look scary.

Another important change affecting the Share Content panel is the Items Overview window has been revamped and in some cases offers more sharing options than before. For example, when sharing a URL, it is now possible to include a screenshot of the website in addition to the web address.

The OneUI 6.0 beta has several new UI elements, and new panels have arrived for the weather and camera apps — in the case of the latter, Samsung has also updated the app itself, changing one thing or another on the UI to improve usability.

You have to wait a little longer

As mentioned, the update is currently only available in beta, which means that it is not yet ready to be publicly available in terms of stability and power consumption. But why does Samsung release the software half-finished? The question may arise. The answer is simple: more eyes see more. Thanks to the fact that self-appointed testers install software, which is still riddled with bugs, like bugs, Samsung can get more accurate feedback on what and where to improve.

At the moment, OneUI 6.0 is only available for Galaxy S23 family devices in a limited number of countries, but the South Korean company is expected to open up the possibility of testing on a larger scale soon. It is not yet known exactly which Galaxy devices the program will be available for, as well as when mobile phones and tablets will receive the update – in our opinion, the end of the second half of the year, the beginning of the year in the latest seems to be the most likely period.