Index - Tech-Science - Intel announces "I'm a Mac" man

Index – Tech-Science – Intel announces “I’m a Mac” man

Today is war, tomorrow is peace

But when will this end,

Peace prevails today and war tomorrow,

The human heart is not sad …

– The Control Group sang in the ’80s, and somehow reminded me of the above

– PC vs Mac about a back and forth prick and mouthpiece through commercials that occurred between Mac and PC at the time. (Roughly the same standard as what’s happening now as a “war” between PC and console players, and within consoles, PlayStation and Xbox.)

“Macdoegless!” (Intel Corporation)

It is often said that only stuffed cabbage is good when heated, but Intel will argue about it (if you understand Hungarian cuisine …), because now it has “heated up” the long-extinct fire of war by contracting with Apple The previous “I am a Macintosh”. Actor Justin Long creates new ads for computers. Long ago all commercials start with “Hey … I’m Justin,” with the typical white background we’ve seen in Apple ads for Macs and PCs in the 2000s. Of course, the ads will focus again on Mac and PC, making fun of the Apple Touch Bar, the lack of multi-screen support for the M1, and “gray and gray” MacBook color options.

Apple also avoided the lack of touchscreens on Macs and made a mockery of the lack of 2-in-1 support, but also hated the fact that he had to purchase a tablet, keyboard, pen, and even a hardware key on a device. Mac compatible with competitive Intel-based laptops. Another ad also indicates that

They just hit back

In defense of Intel, we must also say that Justin Long’s return to Mac and Intel PC ads came just a few months after Apple brought back John Hodgman to take on his role as the “personal computer guy” again at Apple. The “I’m an ad campaign for a Mac and I work on a PC. While an Apple.”

This limited it to the company’s presentation to showcase the Arm-based M1 MacBooks, while Intel went one step further and resurrected its mouthpiece in commercials as well.

Intel appears to be ready to take on the first Apple chips with raucous and hostile marketing, while clearly failing to make a real breakthrough with its Rocket Lake-S chips. Meanwhile, Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has made it clear that Intel will have to beat Apple in the future. They were already involved in the oral karate field …

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