Blessed is the man who finds a home in the Church

The giver of the thanksgiving service was Deacon Tamás Szőnyi of Borsod-Gömör, and Bishop Dániel Pásztor of Tiszánin served with the sermon. The keynote of his sermon was the second half of verse 5 of Psalm 65, which reads: “Let us be filled with the goodness of your house, with the holiness of your temple!”

Pastor Daniel Pachtor emphasized that the most important thing is to see the church as the house of God and the shelter that is the house of God. If we are children of God – and we are in Jesus Christ – then this is not only God’s abode and home, but also our personal home – he said.

He said that the writer of the psalm longed for the house of God and prayed that it would be filled with the good things of God’s house, the house. If the church is our home, we can always go there knowing that our Heavenly Father is waiting for us. We can always go home, and we can always find him at home. He explained that if we were away from home, or from our father’s house for a longer or shorter period, we could always come home.

He also revived the story of the prodigal son, in which every day the father waited for his son to return home. He emphasized that for us the Church is the place where the table is waiting for us, because the Father knows what we need.

The Church is the home where we can lay our burdens, where we are heard, where we can ask and give thanks, where we can give thanks for all the good things that happen to us, that we receive as gifts. In the Church, we don’t have to play a role, because our Father knows us well, we don’t have to show anything other than who we are, we can be honest, we don’t have to wear a mask – register.

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The church is the home where we can talk to God, our Father. He speaks to us through judgments, and we can talk to him, and we can talk to him. He went on to say that the Church is the home in which social differences and all other differences that might divide us disappear.

He asserted that happiness is the person who finds a home in the Church and can live close to God. Finally, he notes that many people believe that it is possible to worship God and sing at home, and there are those who consider living the faith a private matter. On the other hand, he emphasized, it is very important to be with those who see the Church as also a home. In a fraternal community, we can truly be at home in the Church, – concluded the bishop.

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