Index - Sports - World League Final: The Hungarian men's water polo team was knocked out from Canada

Index – Sports – World League Final: The Hungarian men’s water polo team was knocked out from Canada

To the amazement of the Hungarian national team, they were knocked out of Canada 10-9 on Tuesday’s opening day of the eight-team men’s water polo super final. The winner of the tournament, which continues until Sunday, will be the first to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics next summer. European Cup winners Hungarians will continue to play against the silver medalists in the European Championships on Wednesday afternoon.

Although many people may find the Hungarian water polo team’s defeat shocking from the opponent’s point of view, there is a slight difference to the picture that the Hungarian national team does not participate in the tournament in the strongest frame. Captain Tamas Marks has left players such as Victor Nagy, Soma Vogel, Daniel Angiel, Balaz Hari, Szilard Jansik, Christian Manhirkz, Tamas Mezy, Zoltan Pohl, Tamas Siddelmayr, Denis Varga Julia, Margerton in Garcia. World Championship, a much higher ranked tournament. In addition, Canada has already caused problems for Hungary, and the draw for the 2016 Olympics qualifiers suffices.

As for Tuesday’s meeting, the Canadian national team quickly took the lead, selling off the top spots with much more confidence than the Hungarians, and already securing a 5-1 advantage in the second quarter with a few long shots.

After that, he made his comeback under Mark Kali, who made his debut in the national team at the age of 33, and the Hungarian team caught up with a goal, even before the first half.

However, the third quarter started poorly again from our point of view, and soon Canada scored three goals, but the Hungarians came back and fought hard and then managed to attack several times for the equalizer, which finally came two minutes before the end of the match, from a large deflection fired by Matthias Bashtur. But there was another exhibition on the other side that the Canadians took advantage of.

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However, the draw could still be saved by the Hungarians who took the penalty kick via Baturvey, only Alexic defended his second five-meter match in the match, and our national team was knocked out.

Group 1 Tour Result:

the group:

  • Canada-Hungary 10-9 (3-1, 2-3, 4-3, 1-2)

Scorers: De Souza 3, Patterson, Torakis 2-2, Picari, Jardijan, Halagian 1-1 and Kalaye 3, Batori, Pachtor 2-2, Gervas, Germany 1-1


  • Group Two: Croatia-Kazakhstan 20-4 (5-2, 6-0, 3-0, 6-2)

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