INDEX – SCIENCE – A fluffy crab has been discovered wearing a sponge hat

new species, Lamarckdromia Beagle The dromedy It belongs to a family known as sponge crabs. Crabs in this family use sea sponges and ascidias, animals that include sea squid, to control them. Creatures are cut with claws and worn as hats. Andrew Hussey, curator of cancer at the Western Australian Museum, said the sponge crab’s hind legs are specifically designed to hold protective caps.

“The sponge or ascetic only grows and adapts to the shape of the crab’s back. Soha nem tapad meg, szép sapkát alkot, amely elég szorosan illeszkedik a rákhoz” – mondta a kurátor.

Camouflage with sponge cover

Much like crabs use blasting their armor for protection, sponges help dromedy Crabs to hide themselves from predators such as octopuses and other crabs. Sponges can be larger than the cancer itself and have a deterrent effect.

Some of the compounds produced by this sponge are highly toxic. Nem sok olyan aktív ragadozó van, amelyik érdekelt lenne abban, hogy átrágja magát egy szivacson, csak hogy eljusson egy rákhoz

Hussey said guardian to me.

A family living in Western Australia found one Lamarckdromia Beagle Wash a copy ashore and send it to the Western Australian Museum for identification.

Then Andrew Husey and Colin McClay, a marine biologist at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, described the crab as a new species – Lamarckdromy As one of the three spongy carcinomas of the genus. Comparing the new crab with other specimens in the museum’s collection, there are many Lamarckdromia Beagle Previously identified samples were discovered. The earliest specimen they found dates from December 1925.

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