Index – Overseas – Nearly half a hundred people were executed at the funeral of the former President of Tanzania

Local newspaper Citizen reported on Tuesday that nearly half a hundred people were run over to former Tanzanian President John Magofol’s funeral at a stadium.

The party was over a week ago, on March 21st. The cause of the disorder is excessive enthusiasm:

Tens of thousands went to Uhuru (Freedom) stadium to pay tribute

And one last look at the former president.

“After a while, many people lost patience and were pushed into the stadium where it would have been forbidden,” Lazzaro Mambossasa, commander of the Dar es Salaam Special Police Unit, told the newspaper.

Immediately after the accident, police reported only five fatalities.

According to the latest official data

At least 45 people lost their lives in the stampede,

Another 37 people had to be hospitalized due to their injuries.

Majufuli lived 61 years and died on March 17 in Dar es Salaam.

According to the official announcement due to a heart problem, which, however, cannot be ruled out due to a coronavirus infection.

In the first half of March, news spread that the long-time head of state, who had been rejecting the virus and only calling for national prayers against the epidemic, had fallen seriously ill due to infection with the Coronavirus. Rumors basically gave me that Magufuli had not appeared in public for nearly two weeks at the time, although he had previously appeared on state television several times a week.

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