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Index – Offshore – This shouldn’t really have happened during the pandemic, they were fined hundreds of euros

In Italy, the Coronavirus has already affected Valentine’s Day events. A limited number of husbands were accepted into the courtyard of Juliet’s Verona home that was visited by lovers. The Supply Association, which represents more than 300,000 stores, has urged an extension of restaurant hours until 6 pm, indicating that the dinner closing date means a € 230m drop on Valentine’s Day alone. In Liguria province, epidemiological restrictions were tightened from zero in the morning on Sunday, so that the hospitality could only operate during the day. However, restaurants were opened: many restaurants with a view of the sea were inundated with French tourists.

Authorities imposed fines of hundreds of euros per person on restaurant owners and guests.

In addition to the Christmas period, the lockdown will be effective from December 31 to January 6.

Walter Ricciardi, a WHO adviser, called for the immediate and complete closure of Italy, stressing that the ongoing shift in tightening and loosening precautionary measures is not working.

In his first cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Mario Draghi promised to “secure” the country. Among the goals it cited were accelerating vaccination, digitizing the health care system and increasing the number of health care workers, the Telegraph office wrote.

Of the nearly half a million doses of the vaccine promised at the start of the week, Pfizer-BioNTech provided just 53,000.

The Province of Veneto indicated that it will resume ski tourism from Tuesday, operating slopes at fifty percent and ski lifts at an occupancy rate of thirty percent. At the same time, the Ministry of Health tightened entry: Those coming from neighboring Austria will now have to present a negative coronavirus test at the border, in addition to two weeks of mandatory quarantine.

Meanwhile, San Marino announced that a vaccine ampoule had not arrived in the mini state, which was awaiting shipments from Italy. That’s why San Marino wants to get the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for more than 34,000 residents.

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