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Index – Meanwhile – Ted Mosby's film That's How I Met Your Mother, Married in a Blizzard

Index – Meanwhile – Ted Mosby's film That's How I Met Your Mother, Married in a Blizzard

Raising children is the main task in his life.

Adel Xubut admitted her feelings about motherhood with complete honesty, and does not rule out having more children with Pink Estines. the X factor At least his discoverer hinted at this in his recent video interview, in which he was asked, among other things, how he sees himself in the future. The actress and singer's answer was that after years she would like to say about herself that she had raised two or even more children, who turned out to be good, fair and upright people, so she did not rule out expanding the family.

She considers motherhood to be her main mission in life, but as she says, it is not easy to reconcile family and professional life.

“For me, being a mother is – I think – the main mission in my life. I always wanted to be a mother at a very young age, and I am very happy that I was able to do it. I feel that this is my main mission in life. And whatever else happens To me it is secondary. (…)

It is very difficult to maintain a balance between a mother's career and her life, and it would be a shame to lie about it. It's very difficult, and I keep asking myself questions like, Am I doing what I'm doing right? Am I a good enough mother? It's really not easy.

This is a constant problem that must be dealt with every day. There are difficult times and less difficult times, but the fact that I have a partner with whom we can think like a family helps me a lot so that I can do my career and work well on my own.” He said InStyle Magazineto star box The reporter, referring to his partner, Pence Estes, with whom he has been for more than ten years.

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