Index - local - Dóra Dúró almost won the Labusfold Prize

Index – local – Dóra Dúró almost won the Labusfold Prize

A well-known figure has been awarded for the second time among the candidates for pseudo-scientific works to spread the most harmful ideas of the year. The first such award was given last year to György Gődény and members of the Doctors for Perception group, but for the second time Gődény was in the top five, and he could not defend the title: in 2022 it became known medicinal mushrooms and products containing c-peptide were awarded Gabor Varga’s “Mushroom Medicinal” award.

Gabor Varga was fined tens of millions of Ft for unfair trade practices, because the healing effect of his products had not been proven, and he also sold C-peptide spray against incurable neurodegenerative diseases, and there was no proven basis for the product’s effectiveness.

Dóra Dúró took second place in the vote

Because of his anti-vaccination and anti-epidemic views, and his “pseudoscience-based political tendencies”, recalled his shredding of books.

Gődény was also on the list this year for publishing his pseudoscientific opinions and conspiracy theories. Even was in the top five for its “unsustainable news service in science and public life/politics”. Finalists have been invited to the award ceremony, but it is not known why, and none of them 168.

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