Index - Local - Christmas Girgili called the White House

Index – Local – Christmas Girgili called the White House

Budapest’s mayor, Gergeli Karacsonne, congratulated Joe Biden on his success in the presidential election. On behalf of the US government, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken responded, promising to deepen relations with the Budapest leader.

The US Secretary of State wrote in his reply letter that there are many crises facing the world. he added:

I am confident that together we will be able to meet the historic challenges. We now have to make more important decisions than ever before. It is our duty to build a free and abundant future for all.

Gergeli Karacconi wrote on his social network:

I am convinced that the policies of the new US administration will have positive effects around the world, whether it is protecting the climate, international coordination in the fight against the pandemic, or protecting the rule of law and democracy.

Then he promised:

We will contribute to this promising new dynamic at the city level as well. That is why my colleagues have already contacted the White House and the State Department to promote cooperation between Budapest and the new US administration.


Writing by Girgili Varga, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy.

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