Index – Interior – Minister of Agriculture Istvan Naji held talks with the leaders of a giant American company

Istvan Nagy met Governor Eric Holcomb in Indianapolis. The meeting was important because Indiana is very important in terms of corn and grain production in the United States.

The Secretary of Agriculture also held meetings in Chicago with managers of the John Deere agricultural machinery manufacturing company, which he said were important from the point of view of using precision technologies. “This method of production is also a solution to reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture and improve animal welfare conditions. In other words, what sustainability means, precision agricultural techniques are extremely important.”

The Minister of Agriculture said that the topics of the meeting with the leaders of the American agricultural giant included

  • Expanding the economic aspect of cooperation as well,
  • As well as new opportunities in investments and developments in Hungary.

“We are at the forefront of applying precision technologies, and we want to expand cooperation,” said the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture.

On the first day of his visit to the United States, on Monday, Istvan Nagy participated in an international conference of governmental experts in business, the topic of which was the impact of climate change on agriculture. In this regard, he explained: “Competitiveness must be increased so that we can supply more and more people living on Earth with food, so that the quality of the ‘created world’ can be maintained in the meantime.”