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Index – Homeland – Tamas Mintzer discovered what democracy looks like in Sweden

Index – Homeland – Tamas Mintzer discovered what democracy looks like in Sweden

Tamas Mensher began by saying that although he was not interested in the situation of Swedish democracy as a Hungarian, since Swedish politicians and opinion makers were also interested in the situation in Hungary, he also looked for some information and statistics.

Mentzer said that according to the data he found, Sweden “has already had 261 shooting incidents this year, so shootings are common” and that many children have died as a result of them in recent years. He then moved on to the bombings that Sweden witnessed, which, according to his information, numbered 124 so far this year.

He also talked about the fact that according to some surveys, half of young Christians under the age of 25 in Sweden said they had been bullied because of their Christian faith.

A former Swedish minister even admitted that the number of hate crimes against Christ is on the rise in the country, and according to a Eurobarometer survey, 70% of Sweden’s population said that anti-Semitism is also on the rise in the country.

Munther claims in the video.

Regarding immigration, according to information from the Secretary of State, 76% of Swedes say that integration is unsuccessful.

The former Swedish Prime Minister himself acknowledged the existence of parallel societies in Sweden and that immigrants live a completely different reality

he added.

In conclusion, he said that he believes that the Hungarian government will protect the security of the Hungarian people in every way.