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Index – FOMO – The Terminator movie star is also joining Stranger Things season 5

Index – FOMO – The Terminator movie star is also joining Stranger Things season 5

if it was Weird things Evoking the world of the 1980s, Linda Hamilton, the iconic actress of the era, could be the right choice to make a major turnaround in the fifth and final season of the series. who won’t jump first, actress In the classic eighties, finisherShe played Sarah Connor, the mother of the future resistance leader, who is sent back in time to be executed by the Big and the Ugly. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We know, but we don’t know

the diverse According to his report, Netflix announced the news as part of Tudum, a meeting built around its own shows, which was quickly followed by a post on Twitter. Of course, aside from his involvement, we don’t know anything about Hamilton’s role, as we’ve come to expect from the streaming giant.

Despite this, not much is known about the fifth season, except that it will be and possibly the last. Production work is certainly on hold at the moment, as the US screenwriters’ strike has not stopped, which, among other things, has identified Netflix as the main protester over the situation.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor A finisher He has appeared in films thrice, once in 1984, once in 1991, and most recently in 2019. Apart from the franchise, he has also appeared in works such as Children of the cornObsession beauty and the beast Fantasy series set in the late 1980s.

Stranger Things creators are no strangers to visiting famous actors of the ’80s and ’90s to solidify the brand. With this, Hamilton now joins the ranks of artists such as Winona Ryder Edward ScissorhandsMatthew Modine A birdShawn Astin A Treasure huntersPaul Reiser A Beverly Hills CobbCary Elwes A Cyclone and Robert Englund A A Nightmare on Elm Street the actor.