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Dagger was a huge hit in 2019, grossing over $312 million at the box office, against a budget of $40 million. It’s also been nominated at every movie award ceremony out there, and it’s also included in the American Film Institute’s 10 Best Films of the Year list, So it’s no wonder that streaming service providers are bullying each other to continue. Finally, ahead of Amazon Prime and Apple, Netflix came runner-up, hailing $469 million for Rian Johnson for making his next two sequels. That’s Rian Johnson, whom viewers would have liked not so long ago to suffer in the deepest recesses of Hell. Anyone familiar with the movie world knows that the specialist pissed people off with Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, which according to most turned out to be a huge dead end. Suppose that could be said of the new trilogy as a whole, but whatever.

The first part of The Dagger did not invent Spanish wax, like Poirot’s new films, it featured a cast full of international stars and a rich, unwanted family, among whom was a murderer who was hiding – however, fans of the genre jumped. Movie. Rian Johnson felt it, his quirky Dagger script made sure no one could easily guess whose bloody hands he had on, and the only icing on the cake was that we were introduced to a much-loved private investigator in the person of Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig.

We’re happy and somewhat surprised to report that the sequel, Tőrbe häve – The Glass Onion, which premieres on Netflix December 23, doesn’t cling to the first movie at all. There aren’t many examples of this nowadays, but the new Netflix crime drama isn’t really your typical sequel: aside from the fact that the detective is in it as a link, it stands on its own, and the story, if possible, is more choppy and describes the playtime. More than we ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

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At the center of the story this time is a group of friends, who are not to say that they are real boys. Among them are a smoldering model, prima Donna Birdie (Kate Hudson), an overworked gamer named Duke (Dave Bautista) and his girlfriend Whiskey (Madeline Klein), who tries to climb on his back, but flamboyant politician Kathryn Hahn Claire in WandaVízio is also part of the experience. , and the mystery factor is guaranteed by Andi from Janelle Monáe, who appears to be very angry, but only time will reveal exactly why. They are linked to tech billionaire Miles Bronn (Edward Norton), who invites Al-Bajaji to his private island “Who’s the Killer?” to play. Of course, everyone goes, because of boredom during the coronavirus epidemic, there is no need to ask twice – moreover, the famous detective Benoit Blanc, who no one knows who invited him, somehow interferes with the picture, but gets stuck in anyway.

Perhaps it is evident from all of this that Tőrkeve – The Glass Onion starts out dark and mysterious, but as we progress, it gives us new information in a surprisingly creative way. Halfway through the two-and-a-half hour gameplay, we get to the point where we like to drown the little characters in a spoonful of water, and the tension is transmitted to us through the screen. However, it is not an extension of Johnson, which must be emphasized

He kicks the sentient builder down the middle in one motion.

After about 60 minutes or so, the movie almost restarts, and we see the events and characters from a completely different point of view. Well, we come to the big secret: the investigation of not one, but two murders weighs heavily on the detective’s shoulders.

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Rian Johnson has managed to revamp this franchise for its sequel in such a way that we have to tip our non-existent hats to him. Not only are the murders unexpected, but in general we get a crime story whose outcome is impossible to calculate after the first half hour.

The humor is also very good, the director offers us the most surprising social satire of recent years, if you don’t count last year’s Ne nézz eff !.

Success also requires the charisma of Daniel Craig, who gets a much more central role compared to the first film, but we must add that the show is badly stolen from the detective by two more actors: namely, the main character, Edward, who plays Miles, who pulls his friends on a wire , Norton, and, not surprisingly, Kate Hudson, who is just as good as a former cover girl struggling to adjust to aging. Plus, the others aren’t bad either, and Rian Johnson is very careful not to make anyone feel like a papier-mâché character: the best example is Whiskey, who is simply omitted as a gold digger who sleeps with anyone, while the reality is much more complex and is itself is more versatile. , as it seems at first glance.

The same can be said for the sequel to Fell to the Sword, which is bigger, nicer, more exciting, and, in our opinion, more fun than the first movie. While the 2019 story was almost a 7/10, this one is way above that. We risk getting the best Netflix Christmas gift this year, and we’d rather wrap up Rian Johnson’s creation and tie a bow and put it under a decorated fir tree.

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A Tőrbe gvetve – The Onion is available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.