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Index – FOMO – Gyula Bodroje: I would like to live to be 120

Index – FOMO – Gyula Bodroje: I would like to live to be 120

Gyula Bodroje spent his 89th birthday with his family. The representative of the nation celebrated the significant day with his partner, son, grandchildren, ex-wife and her partner. Like he said, they meet for every important occasion and go out to lunch together. They’ve done the same thing now.

89 is a really nice age, but I don’t think about it, because if I thought about it, I would pass out. I would like to live to be 120 years old, but I know that it will not be possible, but I set myself the goal of reaching 100 years old

Giola Bodroje said.

According to him, work makes him live, and therefore, in order to live long, he must work a lot. According to his claim, he wants to do everything that is asked of him, and nothing proves this better than the fact that he does not remain without work even after the end of the theater season: in the summer he shoots a movie with Sándor Csányi .

The actor just wants his health to be in order, since last year he has experienced how important it is. Gyula Bodroje was hospitalized twice in ten months. According to him, he almost died, but thanks to his doctors, he can stand on stage again.

I’m trying to forget what happened. However, I learned how important and fragile health is, you have to take care of it. I consider myself fortunate to have recovered, though I still haven’t returned to my old form. I have already regained one and a half kilograms of what I lost, but I need another three kilograms to be like before. Angéla is also on top of it, cooking me delicious meals and making sure I take a handful of meds every morning that I have to take in order to keep everything inside of me working properly

said the eyelashto.