Index - FOMO - Gábor Bochkor: Meeting Lajos and Vogci a special moment

Index – FOMO – Gábor Bochkor: Meeting Lajos and Vogci a special moment

As the index previously wrote, after nine years, Gabor Pushkor, Lajos Poros and Janos Voga will co-host the show again. At that time, the legendary trio had gained national fame with The Boomerang Show, which had run with great success in the morning band of Sláger Radio for years. In 2010, Boomerang moved to Neo FM, where the presenters entertained the audience for two years, after which they returned to the airwaves on Music FM for a few broadcasts. their professional career.

Gábor Bochkor’s radio career continued after a two-year hiatus: he’s back behind the microphone on his FM Music Launcher. Retro Radio was contracted in August 2020, and has been welcoming audiences with László Lovász ever since as host of the Bochkor Morning Show. The public has been informed that the Boomerang team will be reuniting on Monday morning, and the evocative project is scheduled for Friday.

Due to the freedom of László Lovász, guest presenters sit on the show all week long. Hence the idea that if Lajos and Vogci are included, let’s sit down together one morning, because this will be a special moment for us too.

– Gábor explained Bochkor to find the index, whose relationship with his former teammates did not break even with the closure of Boomerang.

Voga is still a regular on the show, but Lajos and I look out for each other from time to time…

He answered when we inquired about his relationship with Janos Voga and Laius Poros. Whether the return of Good Friday will be a sequel or just a one-off event, the radio said:

It’s a nostalgic show, there’s no planning behind it, we simply played with the idea and now we can make it happen. too much…

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As it turned out earlier, Gábor Bochkor will host other shows of the week with invited guests. His partner was Istvan Valli on Monday, Eva Ristof on Tuesday, Jizo Szabo on Wednesday, and Betty Kabat on Thursday.

It also seems that the guests have taken on the task with pleasure. Eva Ristov, who was sitting behind the microphone this morning, shared a joint photo of the scene with Gabor Pushkor in the early morning.

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