Index - FOMO - Camila Firenze feels she should have won 1st

Index – FOMO – Camila Firenze feels she should have won 1st

2021.12.23. 11:53

The X-Factor Jubilee ended last Saturday, with Camila Firenze, Paulina and Alli comparing their talents in the final. As it can be packaged, the young man took first place, followed by Paulina on the podium, and Camila Firenze in third. At least that’s how he feels.

The singer finds it unfair that even though she had the best sound out of the three of them, because she didn’t build on her own songs, she only got third place on the podium.

He also expressed his displeasure, but this sparked sympathy in some.

I felt satisfied with my products. I’m disappointed that I thought the X-Factor was about the audio, not my songs. It’s not my fault that I didn’t win, but it turns out now that life can be pretty bullshit. I’m going home the winner, I should have won based on the singing, I dare say it. It’s not my fault that I was only on the show and not in the playlists

. said HintsCamila after the final.

After the statement, many indicated to the singer that she should accept her situation with more humility. the my world He collected a range of reactions, and most commentators, though erudite, pointed out to Camilla that although they were welcomed during the talent hunt, they lost sympathy for him after the speech.

(Cover photo: Kamenc Ferenczi. Photo: RTL Press Club)

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