Index – Flag – Another operation had to be performed on one of the Bangladeshi Siamese twin girls

The intervention was performed by the institution’s physicians, Bangladeshis and Performed by Hungarian doctors in Bangladesh. the Siamese twinRuqayya and her brother have spent the spring of Christmas in their village, and Ruqayya will not return to the hospital until January for stitches.

The Foundation indicated that the twin girls were visited in the hospital by the Bangladeshi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdul Momin, who expressed his appreciation for the cooperation.

A series of autopsies is performed

It’s called Operation Freedom A series of autopsy surgeries Phase four is taking place with rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery for the now six-year-old girls. Rabih is considered to be at a level of intellectual development appropriate to her age, so she lives the daily life of her age group, and she went to school, but her development in functions and partial movement is also important, while Rukaya needs to be developed in all respects due to her severely injured condition, which the institution also organizes in Bangladesh since 2019.

They added that during the flight in December, in addition to the raqia operation, the medical team also performed a complex operation that took seven hours and several smaller operations.

According to MTI, Action for the Vulnerable Foundation has been organizing regular plastic and reconstructive surgery missions to Bangladesh for twelve years. To date, more than 700 patients have been operated on, mostly children who were born with developmental disorders or burn injuries and adults who would otherwise have no chance of a better life.

During the last mission in May, Hungarian doctors performed about a hundred operations. In addition to caring for the patients, preparations were also made for the mission planned for next year, and the Bangladeshi doctors presented another pair of Siamese twins, also awaiting separation, to the foundation team.

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They are born in 1 in every 60,000 births Siamese twinof which only 5 percent are craniofacial babies, which is skull fusion Means that