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Index – Economy – The multi-car company closes its factory in Gudulu, and 800 people lose their jobs

Index – Economy – The multi-car company closes its factory in Gudulu, and 800 people lose their jobs

Cosma Zoltut, head of the trade union Lear A 24. heOn Wednesday, he said, the company announced a reduction in the number of employees by more than 800 people, which in practice means the closure of the cable-whip factory in Gödöllő.

According to him, the reason for closing the factory may be that the company may have considered that labor costs in production in Hungary are already too high. However, stakeholder representatives have already noticed in recent years that the sector is in decline: Just five years ago, the company’s cable-laying plant with 500 employees in Gyeonggi closed, and the Jodolo unit also saw hundreds of layoffs.

The parent company has continually opened factories in countries such as Serbia, Morocco and Tunisia, where it can carry out these work processes at much lower labor costs, and the company has moved production of certain products from Hungary to these locations as a group.

Zsolt Kuzma said.

So far, he added, another system has been put in place to replace the stopped work operations, but now no more production is coming to our country, because LER can produce at a lower cost and more profitably in poorer countries.

According to the information received by the union, the Gödöllő factory has not received government support, nor is it obliged to keep employees. the According to the newspaper report, AGYar’s employees observed the termination of their jobs in a sad but calm atmosphere.

And the boss knows that nearly two-thirds of the workers have been employed at the plant for more than two decades, many of them just a few years before retirement, so it is not easy for them to handle the current situation.

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According to legal requirements, the company is expected to start consultations soon, in which the union will also actively participate. In these meetings, the agenda is Downsizing schedule, exact number of people involved, and downsizing compensation package.