Index - Economy - The financial success of Christmas films does not depend on star reviews

Index – Economy – The financial success of Christmas films does not depend on star reviews

We’ve seen them countless times, but we sit in front of the TV every year. And outside we explode the big birthday hit movies Stories, we go through gift-wrapping or dinner over and over to see if Kevin can conquer thieves’ minds, what happens after the kissing scene at Hugh Grant’s school, and whether Green’s heart softens by the end of the movie.

but how much They are looking for From movie studios to watch their creations in the cinema or broadcast them in our homes? A lot, because, for example, in vain thirty years a Home Alone!, After every broadcast or DVD sale, the box office tweets for studios and creators.

Push Kevin and Green onto the podium

The story of Kevin McAllister is very popular to this day, and this can be seen in the revenue. From the release of the movie made in 1990 until 2019, it has been the highest-grossing movie of all time, and currently stands at $476 million (about HUF 135 billion). Two years ago, however, the Great Overshoot happened, and Greenks Its animated version was produced only three years ago, but has already raised $512 million, and a year after its release, it has fallen out of favor with the shaky thieves!

He also won a bronze medal greenks, But the original live version. The 2000 film, starring Jim Carrey, is now worth $363 million, taking fourth place Home Alone! 2. And at 358.

fairy tales

In addition, fairy tales, elves and Santa Claus dominate the top ten: in fifth place are the great classics, christmas carol The 2009 animated version is available for $325 million, followed by the animation, narrated by Tom Hanks. polar express Followed by revenue of 314 million.

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From now on, there will only be a few films that fail to reach the three hundred million dream limit, which is why surprisingly so many of their favourites, true love It finished only in seventh place – $245 million in revenue reached the Makers label.

true love

A 2003-as what the hell Even the producer of New Line Cinema was surprised by the success of the film, and despite being only eighth in the world rankings, the filmmakers could be completely pleased with the revenue of $ 223 million, given that it was shot for only 33 million.

a holiday It’s also slowly claiming to be an evergreen Christmas movie, a regular feature on holiday TV shows. The home exchange for Cameron Diaz-Kate Winslet’s husband brought $205 million into the kitchen without even criticizing her makers.

The last place in the top ten is A santa Which didn’t even hit the two hundred million ceiling, although if we look at it from just 22 million, $198 million in revenue isn’t that bad.

who failed

There are so many films that readers can really miss from the list, as everyone has a favorite: whether it’s a fantasy, a big old classic, a romantic character, or a family Christmas movie. The list is nearly endless, but here are some key pieces we’ve probably seen at some point during the holidays over the past 20 years:

  • Four Feasts ($163 million)
  • Flaky hull ($129 million)
  • Bad Christmas ($131 million)
  • Christmas card ($97 million)
  • A Christmas Nightmare ($92 million)
  • Trample Santa ($77 million)
  • Christmas At Any Cost ($47 million)
  • Christmas Chaos ($42 million)
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There are many films in the above list that definitely made studios and distributors sad, such as Christmas Mess In it we can see a review of real stars, such as Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried, but they only collected 42 million dollars.

We can mention the Bad Christmas Moms The makers of the film, starring Mila Kunis, certainly hoped to make more revenue with such actors, but it may be solace that the production cost did not even reach thirty million dollars.

The biggest loser is Christmas at any cost: Despite hiring Danny de Vito, the film’s budget turned negative, with the total Christmas decorations madness producing 47 million in cinemas, but its cost nearly $52 million.

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